We help organisations to overcome language barriers in creative ways. Our workplace training courses and rewriting service are a unique solution. 

It was my teaching background which led me to set up English Unlocked. For years I taught English to people from all over the world. I noticed that although my students could understand me, they struggled to understand the receptionists, librarians and other staff. Very few of my British colleagues knew how to modify their speech so that they would be understood by limited English speakers. I realised that training was needed and I developed our first course. We now have three courses, all of which empower staff to overcome language barriers more successfully.

Shelley Purchon

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Sarah Quipp-Stenson

After completing this course, I feel much more able to use interpreters effectively and get better value from the interpreter’s presence.


Alice Tichborne
Immigration Solicitor

I have really been struck by the difference this training has made in my communication with clients. I highly recommend this training!


Kimberley Mullick

The most useful training I have received in a long time.


Course 1

How to communicate with non English speaking clients

Course 2

How to work effectively with interpreters

Course 3

How to use Google Translate with caution and skill

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Our promise

We measure the skills and confidence of attendees after each training course. If your team has not noticed an improvement in both measures, you get your money back.

training solutions for all sizes of company

Bespoke training

Our consultation process allows us to tailor our training to your needs. Some examples of bespoke content include tips on how to communicate over the phone, guidance on interpreter qualifications in your sector, or a diagnostic survey to find out when your team are using Google Translate and when they book interpreters. We love to grapple with the real life difficulties faced by your team.

For large organisations 

Our eLearning courses are designed to meet the staff training needs of larger organisations. ‘How to work effectively with interpreters’ is currently in production – click here for a sneak preview. For health practitioners we have a short eLearning course on how to communicate with patients who have English as an Additional language- read more here.

Off the peg

If you are an individual, click here to view tickets for our ‘flexible booking’ webinars (£30 per person.) These are the preferred option for organisations with a small workforce or a dedicated team member who deals with clients who are learning English. People from a wide range of occupations book onto these webinars so we focus on generic tips and techniques.

The full package

A staff member who has been trained in our 3 skills is an asset to your company. They modify their speech for non English speakers in a way that gets a great response. They know when to book an interpreter and how to work effectively with one. They use Google Translate sparingly, appropriately and with skill. Read about the 3 tools which should be in every staff member's tool box here.

Our rewriting service

Could you improve the accessibility of your services, or sell products to new customers who are not native English speakers, just by letting us rewrite your content? It is possible to reduce the complexity and ambiguity of the written word without compromising your core message if you hire a language specialist to look at it through the eyes of a non-native speaker. Click here to read about the two varieties of rewrite which we offer.

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At English Unlocked we don’t pretend to have a magic wand. Conversations with people who don’t speak English fluently are always going to be challenging, but there is so much you can do to make them easier. If you watch our videos you will see this for yourself.

Click here to watch simplified communication in another language and see how effective our techniques are. 

Do you think working with an interpreter is straightforward? Watch our two minute video and see how many mistakes you can spot. 

some of our clients

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