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Enabling organisations to overcome language barriers through workplace training.

I set up English Unlocked in 2018 to fill a gap in the market. Every sector has clients or potential clients who don't speak fluent English, and communicating with them is a challenge. English Unlocked equips staff with skills to help them overcome those language barriers. Don't give up prematurely on your non-Anglophone clients - with communication training you may find that even without an interpreter you can make yourself understood. For occasions when an interpreter is required, we can train your team to work more effectively with them. 


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English Unlocked currently offers training on three skills. Each one helps staff to overcome language barriers in a different way.  Get in touch to book a course for your team, or follow this link to buy a ticket to one of our multi-agency webinars.


Could your company literature be clearer? Is an overly-complicated use of language alienating customers whose English isn't fluent? Your forms and leaflets should-

  • English Unlocked communication training shows staff how to communicate with clients who speak English as an Additional Language. To find out more click here.

  • Work effectively with an interpreter is for staff who use public service interpreters. To find out more click here

  • How to use online translation tools with caution and skill. This 2 hour webinar is new for 2021.

  • Use short sentences and frequent line breaks.

  • Come straight to the point.

  • Avoid idioms and phrasal verbs.

  • Use layout to give clues to meaning

Hire an expert to look at your content through the eyes of someone with limited English, and make the necessary changes. Simplified versions of leaflets and forms are the next best thing if translated versions are unavailable. 

We also have two eLearning course, click here to find out more. 


Clients who have Limited English Proficiency are harder to engage with. English Unlocked can help your organisation to bridge the gap.


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