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About us

We help our clients to overcome language barriers in creative ways

Our training packages and rewriting service enable you to engage better with clients who are learning English as a foreign language.

"The most useful training I have received in a long time. Lots of practical examples that I can use straight away. Thank you!"

Kimberley Mullick, Archibald First School

The climate emergency matters to us

Once a month we provide one workshop free of charge for an environmental organisation. To apply for this for your team, contact us. Activist groups and campaigning organisations are eligible. In your email explain how attendees will use the training to connect better with speakers of English as a Foreign Language.

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Find us listed on CPD Match, alongside other providers of climate and environmental education and training.

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Clients in English speaking countries across the world can benefit from the English Unlocked rewriting service and from our webinars and eLearning courses.

Our location in Newcastle Upon Tyne means that clients located within striking distance of the North East of England can book face to face versions of our workshops if preferred. 

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Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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