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Helping our clients to overcome language barriers

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Guest speaker

Our director Shelley Purchon may be available to speak at your forum or staff meeting. Click to enquire or scroll down to learn more.

Online Workshop

who is eligible?

You can book Shelley to speak for free at your meeting if it is a multi-agency forum, conference or networking event. Internal meetings are not usually eligible for this opportunity, but do get in touch to find out more. 

The English Unlocked taster usually lasts twenty minutes but we can shorten it if required. 

what does it cover?

This is a great opportunity for you to gain a sneak peak of our most popular training course - how to speak to learners of English.

If your clients are not fluent English speakers, they will struggle to understand you if you speak to them at natural speed. In this short taster, you will get the opportunity to experience for yourself how that feels by listening to Shelley speak Spanish. You can see an excerpt from this fun exercise by clicking on the video below.

Laptop Work
Watch an excerpt.

Watch an excerpt.

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