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Can you spot the mistakes?

It is harder than you think to work with interpreters. This video is just    42 seconds long but contains 6 very common mistakes.

This is NOT how you speak to an interpreter-

How many mistakes did you spot?

Scroll down to find out what they were.

Six mistakes.

  1. She has left the interpreter and the client alone together. They should be kept apart, both before and after the appointment.

  2. She hasn't briefed the interpreter in advance so he doesn't know anything at all about Maria's situation. This will make it harder for him to do his job.

  3. Her eye contact is with the wrong person, she should be looking at the client.

  4. She assumes that the interpreter and the client can understand each other. She should check that they speak the same dialect/ language.

  5. She instructs the interpreter to ‘find out when her mum arrived in the UK.' Instead she should speak directly to Maria ('When did your mum arrive in the UK?')

  6. She says something disparaging about the client’s English level which presumably she doesn’t want to be interpreted. Never say anything unless you wish it to be interpreted.

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To find out about the face to face and webinar versions of this training click here. Please get in touch if you would like to be notified once the eLearning version is available.

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