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Support colleagues whose first language isn’t English.

Just because your international colleagues speak English well enough to work alongside you, doesn't mean they understand every single thing British or American people say. This workshop will enable you to be an ally to your colleagues from overseas. Data suggests that many of them find the language of the workplace a little more difficult than you.

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"This course made me question assumptions I make about peoples understanding of all aspects of spoken language, regardless of how fluent they may first appear."
Hollie Denton​, Everyturn Mental Health

What you'll learn

If you have already attended 'How to speak to learners of English' then you already know how to unlock your English for people with a low level of English. What this workshop shows you is how to unlock your English in a more subtle way for colleagues who speak English fluently but still experience the occasional misunderstanding in the workplace.


You will learn-

  • Why people can still struggle even when they're fluent

  • Which situations are hardest for them

  • What YOU sound like

  • How to make your speech more accessible

  • How to run inclusive meetings

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"The examples were really helpful and relatable. Sharing experiences was very useful."
Luisa Wakeling

This interactive workshop lasts two hours and the course presenter is Shelley Purchon, director of English Unlocked.


Humour and politeness in the culturally diverse workplace.

How can you make jokes and be polite in a way that lands with everyone?

Job interview

How to spot hidden talent in candidates from outside the UK

Are you missing out on diverse talent? If you recruit differently, candidates who speak English as a Foreign Language can really shine.

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