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Our free Drop In

pick my brains

Do you have questions for our founder, Shelley Purchon? Make occasional use of Shelley's expertise by visiting her weekly Drop In on Zoom.

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pick my what??

Pick my brains is an idiom, and idioms can be tricky for non native English speakers. I am great at spotting troublesome words and phrases like these and suggesting alternatives - that's what the Drop In is for. 

For example

Perhaps you have a Tweet or an email you would like me to read before you post it? Or perhaps you have a phrase which keeps causing misunderstandings with clients?  Bring small problems like this to our Drop In and I'll help you come up with an alternative.

who it's for

At English Unlocked we help people who work with clients who are learning English as a Foreign Language. Do you have clients or colleagues who sometimes struggle to understand you? Our workshop will help you to communicate with them more effectively.

Pick My Brains is designed to give further advice to people who have attended that workshop. It's also open to people who have not yet attended.

Just so you know: It isn't an English class. We help people who speak English fluently - most of them are native English speakers.  


how it works

If you click below you'll receive a document with the Zoom link and your instructions. 

Pop in any Wednesday between 3 and 4pm and ask me a question. It isn't a planned session, I will just be on hand to answer any questions. You might be the only person who attends that day, or there might be many of you. Every week is different.

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